Upcoming Shows for 2008:

Friday, July 18th,  The Pioneer Saloon, Woodside


What you missed in 2007:

Saturday, October 20th, The Quarter Note, Sunnyvale

September 22nd, The Pioneer Saloon, Woodside

July 21st, Evergreen Lodge, Yosemite

July 12th, #1 Broadway, Los Gatos

June 29th, Britannia Arms, Cupertino

June 15th, Los Gatos Lodge, Los Gatos

May 20th, St. James Gate, Belmont

May 12th, Britannia Arms, Cupertino

April 27th, Devils Canyon Brewery, Belmont

April 20th, The Pioneer Saloon, Woodside

March 14th, La Hacienda, Saratoga (private party)

March 1st, #1 Broadway, Los Gatos

February 3rd, Brittania Arms, Cupertino

January 13, The Pioneer Saloon, Woodside


Where We Rocked in 2006:

May 23rd The Cats, Los Gatos

June 9th Ike’s Lounge, San Jose

June 11th St. Stephens’ Green, Mt. View

June 28th Rockit Room, San Francisco

July 7th The Quarter Note, Sunnyvale

August 9th Club Mighty, San Francisco

August 12th The Pioneer, Woodside

September 8th Johnny V’s, San Jose

September 29th Devil’s Canyon Brewery, Belmont

October 27 Ike’s Lounge, San Jose

November 10 The Pioneer Saloon, Woodside

December 7th San Jose Tech Museum (Adaptec private party)



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