The 2007 Boogie

January 5, 2007

The holidays are over, the hangover has set in, we’re all back to work and December vacations are already a distant memory. Ok let’s look at the bright side: we’re rested and ready to rock into 2007! Speaking of which we’re happy to announce our first two gigs of the year – starting Saturday, January 13th, at one of our favorite digs…The Pioneer in Woodside on the infamous Whiskey Hill. We’ll start there as usual at around 9:00 and the urban campfire boogie will go on until the last drop is poured.

Then on Saturday February 3rd we’ll be playing Brittania Arms in Cupertino…more on that one to come…in the meantime come shake yer moneymakers with us at The Pioneer on 1/13. We have a few new songs in the mix since the last time we played out so for all of you regulars (I mean both of you) there will be a few surprises…see ya then!


Whiskey Hill this Friday

November 9, 2006

small red 5.JPG

Howdy all – just a quick one to remind you we’re storming Whiskey Hill to play the Pioneer Saloon this Friday. Special start time for this gig is 8:00 pm so get there early and knock one back with us. And if he shows up (Jim are you out there?) we’ll be making a live recording so this is your chance to be famous by yelling “Freebird!” in a rare quite moment and have your voice go down in history when the disc goes multi-platinum.

 We’re playing three sets beetween 8:00 and 11:00, including some new originals and a couple new covers we haven’t tried out yet.

 The Pioneer Saloon (on…yes, Whiskey Hill) is in Woodside, just west of 280 on Woodside Road. You can’t miss it. Really.

See you there…

Easy Allen

Beer Friday this Week!

September 27, 2006

Hi all – OK sorry we’ve been neglecting the bloggity-blog thing here but we’ve all been terribly busy working these things called day jobs and trying to find a bit of time to rehearse. BUT we’re back and happy to be playing at Devil’s Canyon Brewery in Belmont this Friday, September 29th.

DCB makes a mean brew and we’re glad to be going back to play there – our band actually sort of started there when they were kind enough to let us get together and jam there in the evenings.

On the last Friday of every month they throw open their doors to all comers and throw a party. The whole family is welcome so we hope to see some of you there!

Next up after that is another ho-down at The Pioneer Saloon on (you guessed it) Whiskey Hill in Woodside, on Friday November  10.

Til then keep your mojo workin’…
See ya!

-the pieces

…and we’re back!

August 30, 2006

Howdy folks,

it’s been a while since we’ve written but, but Easy Dave’s back from France only one pound heavier and a new French hairdo to boot (I think he watched a lot of Zinadine Zidane clips while he was there) …and we’re getting back in the swing in September with a couple of fun shows for you valley folk: Friday September 8th at Johnny V’s in San Jose (we’re one of four bands so don’t miss our set starting around 8:30); and one we’ve been waiting for for quite some time on September 29th, on beer Friday at Devils Canyon Brewing Company in Belmont.

When we started this band almost a year ago now (really???) we used to have all of our rehearsals there amidst the massive tanks and free-flowing ale, so we really owe these guys a good time. You should definitely try to make it to this one, beer Friday’s at the brewco are a rare treat (click on the home page show link for details).

We had a helluva time on Whiskey Hill playing the Pioneer Saloon; so muc fun we turned around and booked another show right away, so we’ll be back there on November 10th. Whiskey Hill. Whiskey Hill. WHISKEY HILL!

See you out there.

Easy Allen

A Short Break!

July 12, 2006


Hello folks, Easy Dave checking in!

Well we finally had our first gig in The City at the Rockit Room ! What a great venue this place is. Once the renowned “Last Day Saloon,” the Rockit Room has been nicely upgraded with all the amenities. Awesome stage and sound equipment, nice, roomy dance floor and lots of comfy sitting throughout. Of course thanks to the great staff of Joe, sound man Chris, and bargoddess Rhea, we were treated like kings.

Thanks especially to our friends at InfoWorld, we managed to draw a big crowd including lots of friends and even locals from the Richmond…pretty awesome for a Wednesday night! It was certainly a luxury to have pro sound, and having that extra room on stage meant no more bumping into each other! And of course we ripped some great tunes, including pulling out three new tunes we had never played. Even had a handful of girls on their bachelorette party begging for more dance tunes 🙂

EZ Allen sez: EZ Dave split for France before finishing this post so I’ll wrap it up by letting you know we’re taking a brief hiatus for the rest of July to squeeze in some vacations and hopefully a rehearsal or two. Our next official gig is in Woodside at The Pioneer, Saturday August 12 – this one should be a barnburner so please mark your calendar! Friends of EZ Allen: pre-party at my house starts at 6:00!

We’re also very psyched to say that on Wednesday August 9th we’ll be playing for a special private event at Mighty in San Francisco, which will open up to the public later in the evening…more on that one as we work out the details!


The Pieces Take SF

June 23, 2006

USflag.JPGWe're getting fired up for our first appearance in The City next week – at Rockit Room at 406 Clement in the Richmond district. This is a darn familiar place for me, although it's had a quaint face lift since The Strangers used to play there regularly when it was the Last Day Saloon. This is a great club and we're hoping to break a weeknight attendance record so we can be invited back for a weekend gig – so call up your friends and get on out!

We've been working on some new material; mostly some interesting covers this time around but I'll be playing some fresh original material in an acoustic set to open the show. I won't tell you what the covers are but the artists we're covering with the new stuff include Whiskeytown, Dylan, Herbie Hancock and the Stones.

Over the next week we're going to hit the woodshed and work on a whole bunch of new original material, most of which will debut at The Pioneer on Saturday August 12.

But in the meantime we hope to see you city folk at the Rockit Room on Wednesday, and all ye valley dwellers be sure to come out to The Quarter Note in Sunnyvale on Friday July 7!


Easy Allen


Sunday, Boogie Sunday

June 10, 2006

small red 5.JPG

Our second show ever, last night at Ike's in San Jose, turned out to be a real barn-burner…thanks to all of you who made it out and hung with us to the wee hours – yes you Jimbo the Maker's Mark ambassador, Robert, AJ, Audrey, Bart, Nancy, Susan, Angel and harp-playin' Johnny the birthday boy!

And thanks to the whole crew at Ike's – the new stage is great and we had a blast breaking it in…

Don't forget this Sunday we're playing a special weekend performance at St. Stephen's Green on Castro Street in downtown Mountain View. They don't typically have music on Sundays but the Urban Campfire Boogie is impossible to resist so they squeezed us in for this special performance. Hope to see you there – we'll start on the early side, around 7:30.

Keep on Truckin

-Easy Allen

A Double Dose!

June 8, 2006

We're fired up to be playing two shows this weekend; first on Friday for the grand re-opening of Ike's Lounge in San Jose. They've just put in a new stage, light and sound system and we'll be the first band to put it to use. Then on Sunday we'll be playing a special week-ending event at St. Stephen's Green on Castro in Downtown Mountain View. We hope to see some of you out! Also we're close to nailing our first S.F. gig so stay tuned….

Easy Allen

Easy Mark Makes the News!

May 26, 2006

Our own Easy Mark was interviewed on KRON news last night for a story about the valley housing market softening up a bit (you decide!). I'll try to find a link and put it up…he cleans up pretty well. Hey Mark, couldn't you at least have worn a 5 Easy Pieces hat??? Where's the PR love?

Easy Allen

Hallelujah Rock and Roll

May 25, 2006

We made it through our first gig alive! I can’t understate what a blast it was. A lot of good friends came out…thanks to all the Palmies, Handsprungs and the LG APR contingencies! Sharpcasters we expect to see more faces next time…

We had a blast at The Cats and will be playing there again soon. For the next couple of weeks the band is assuming their day-job alter-egos, and we’re scattered around the country this week on ridiculously crazy schedules.

But we’ll be back in town on June 9th for the grand re-opening of Ike’s Lounge which we’re looking forward to. We got through less than half of our material at The Cats so there will still be plenty of stuff we’ll be playing for the first time, including a bunch more original numbers.

Hope to see you there!

ciao fer now

Easy Allen