The Band



Five Easy Pieces are five guys working their asses off in Silicon Valley and blowing off steam through music.

A Brief History

Allen Bush, a veteran of the ’90’s jam-band circuit by way of The Strangers, met fellow guitarist Dave Colodny in 2005. They shared a fancy for good-time guitar licks fueled by boogie beats and beer, and fused it with the rhythm section of Mark Miano and Terry Hunt, Dave’s old bandmates from The Roustabouts. Luckily Rob Haitani soon joined, a kickass keyboardist Allen played with recently in The New Digs.

The band plays Allen’s originals and crunchy genre-spanning covers highlighted by deep album cuts rearranged with a down-home feel. Muscular rythms, bright melodies, sometimes jazzy solos and frequent jams borrow from classic rock, pop, jazz, jam-band groove, americana, old school R&B and motown; but they call the infectious blend Urban Campfire Boogie. Why not?

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