The Pieces Take SF

June 23, 2006

USflag.JPGWe're getting fired up for our first appearance in The City next week – at Rockit Room at 406 Clement in the Richmond district. This is a darn familiar place for me, although it's had a quaint face lift since The Strangers used to play there regularly when it was the Last Day Saloon. This is a great club and we're hoping to break a weeknight attendance record so we can be invited back for a weekend gig – so call up your friends and get on out!

We've been working on some new material; mostly some interesting covers this time around but I'll be playing some fresh original material in an acoustic set to open the show. I won't tell you what the covers are but the artists we're covering with the new stuff include Whiskeytown, Dylan, Herbie Hancock and the Stones.

Over the next week we're going to hit the woodshed and work on a whole bunch of new original material, most of which will debut at The Pioneer on Saturday August 12.

But in the meantime we hope to see you city folk at the Rockit Room on Wednesday, and all ye valley dwellers be sure to come out to The Quarter Note in Sunnyvale on Friday July 7!


Easy Allen


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