Welcome to our underground lair

May 12, 2006

You say you want to be a rolling stone

Get your sail out in the wind

Get out on the highway and let it roll on

Roll on back to some place you ain't never been

small red 5.JPGHi all! Easy Allen here. Thanks for stopping by to bear witness to the birth of Five Easy Pieces. That opening lyric from the Allman Brothers' Back Where it All Begins seems a fitting way to start this blog…being back in a band after a 10-year hiatus, there's a fun sense of being back where it all began when I moved to San Francisco with my first rock band in 1990.

I don't intend to buy a bus, hit the road and grow my hair down to my waist this time, but 16 years later, no grammys in my trophy case (yet) but plenty of stories to tell, I'm …thrilled… (understatement) to start playing out in the clubs again. Five Easy Pieces first got together in October last year, and between working grueling day jobs, having babies, raising kids, being responsible up-standing and occasionally visible husbands and all the other things that go to make up a life, it's a bit of a miracle we were able to pull this band together.

We hope to see some of you at our first gig at The Cats in Los Gatos (hmm…..) on Tuesday, but if you can't make it there, please mark your calendar for Friday, June 9th when we'll be playing the grand re-opening of Ike's Lounge in San Jose.

After six months we're finally down with a few hours worth of material. We're playing about 1/3 originals…some new stuff and some you'll recognize from my last solo project and a few nuggets from The Strangers, including my favorites from MobileHomecomingQueen and a few numbers the Strangers hadn't touched for years when we broke up in '96.

The other two thirds of the repertoire is made up of covers dug up from records we listened to growing up and over the years, and plenty of more recent stuff…mostly in the rock/americana vein. We try to do plenty of re-arranging to breathe new life into older stuff, and we try to stay on the b-side of the records. We tend to do a lot of jamming. There wasn't any particular classification that fit for us, so we came up with Urban Campfire Boogie. I won't delve into that…"some times you just have to let art flow over you" (name that movie and you're dating yourself).

There are a few people we need to thank for helping us get off the ground. Most importanly our beautiful wives (who've started a "widows" club now that they REALLY never see us) for not killing us for doing this. Between them they've been our rehearsal hosts, chefs, photographers, editors, schedule managers, list makers, graphic consultants and of course, our first groupies! Also thanks to all of you who've been urging me to get back out and play again…Ned, Janelle, Lisa, Barsotti, etc. etc.

It took a few years but I'm so glad this finally came around (all good things in all good time…I knew I wouldn't make it through this post w/o a Hunter quote!). Thanks to John Hurst for introducing me to Dave so we could fire up this band. Very special costco-sized thanks to Kristiann and crew at Devils Canyon Brewery for letting us rehearse there and filling our bellies with creamy good ale.

I'm looking forward to catching up with y'all. See you soon…we're just getting this whole site up and running so please come back for more Easy Pieces!

Gone for now but not forgotten…


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